EvoENVIRONMENT 2009 Accepted Papers

Estimating the Concentration of Nitrates in Water Samples using PSO and VNS Approaches,
Pablo Lopez-Espi, Sancho Salcedo-Sanz, Oscar Alonso-Garrid, Angel Perez-Bellido, Emilio Ortiz-Gracia Antonio, Portilla-Figueras

Optimal Irrigation Scheduling with Evolutionary Algorithms,
Michael de Paly, Andreas Zell

Combining Back-Propagation and Genetic Algorithms to Train Neural Networks for Ambient Temperature Modelling in Italy,
Stefano Pizzuti, Francesco Ceravolo, Matteo De Felice

Adaptive Land-use Management in Dynamic Ecological system,
Nanlin Jin, Daniel S. Chapman

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Program Chair
Marc Ebner, Universität Tübingen,Germany - ebner(at)wsii.uni-tuebingen.de
Neil Urquhart, Napier University, UK - N.Urquhart(at)napier.ac.uk

EvoENVIRONMENT Programme Committee
Banzhaf, Wolfgang. Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
Benz, Roland. Universität Würzburg, Germany
Brunner, Paul. H. Technische Universität Wien, Österreich
Cagnoni, Stefano. University of Parma, Italy
Calmano, Wolfgang. Hamburg University of Technology, Germany
Collet, Pierre. Louis Pasteur University of Strasbourg, France
Craenen, Bart. Napier University, UK
Cullinane, Kevin. Napier University, UK
Sharon. Heriot-Watt University, UK
Dittrich, Peter. Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany
Ebner, Marc. Universität Würzburg, Germany
Ekart, Aniko. Aston University, UK
Elkamel, Ali. University of Waterloo, Canada
Esparcia-Alcàzar, Anna I. Instituto Tecnologico de Informatica, Spain
Evans, Stephen. Cranfield University, UK
Foster, James A. University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, USA
Ishii, Satoshi. The University of Tokyo, Japan
Jacob, Christian. University of Calgary, Canada
Lewis,Rhyd. Cardiff Business School, UK
Li, Rongxin, CSIRO ICT Centre, Australia
Magette, William. University College Dublin, Ireland
McKay, R I (Bob). Seoul National University, Korea
Miller, Julian F. University of York, UK
O'Neill, Michael. University College Dublin, Ireland
Perez-Suarez, Sharon. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), USA
Ryan, Conor. University of Limerick, Ireland
Rye, Tom. Napier University, UK
Santulli, Carlo. University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy
Schoenauer, Marc. INRIA, France
Soule, Terence. University of Idaho, USA
Urquhart, Neil, Napier University, UK
van Hemert, Jano. University of Edinburgh, UK
Yu, Tina. Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
Zhang, Mengjie. University of Wellington, New Zealand

Publicity Chair

Ivanoe De Falco, ICAR, National Research Council of Italy, Italy - ivanoe.defalco(at)na.icar.cnr.it

Evo* Local Chair
Marc Ebner, Universität Tübingen,Germany - marc.ebner(at)wsii.uni-tuebingen.de

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Jennifer Willies, The Centre for Informatics Research, Napier University, Scotland, UK. - j.willies(at)napier.ac.uk