EvoCOMNET 2009 Accepted Papers

Paper 59
Web Application Security Through Gene Expression Programming
Jaroslaw Skaruz, Franciszek Seredynski

Paper 71
Extremal Optimization as a Viable Meansfor Mapping in Grids
Ivanoe De Falco, Antonio Della Cioppa, Domenico Maisto, Umberto Scafuri, Ernesto Tarantino

Paper 84
Location Discovery in Wireless Sensor Networks Using a Two-Stage Simulated Annealing
Guillermo Molina, Enrique Alba

Paper 92
Wireless communications for distributed navigation and task allocation in robot swarms
Gianni Di Caro, Frederick Ducatelle, Alexander Forster, Luca Gambardella

Paper 130
An Evolutionary Algorithm for Survivable Virtual Topology Mapping in Optical WDM Networks
Fatma Corut-Ergin, Aysegul Yayimli, A. Sima Uyar

Paper 135
Swarm Intelligence Inspired Multicast Routing: an Ant Colony Optimization Approach
Xiao-mim Hu, Jun Zhang, Li-ming Zhang

Paper 136
A Framework for Evolutionary Peer-to-Peer Overlay Schemes
Michele Amoretti

Paper 52
Efficient Signal Processing and Anomaly Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Markus Wälchli, Torsten Braun

Paper 73
Peer-to-peer Optimization in Large Unreliable Networks with Branch-and-Bound and Particle Swarms
Balazs Banhelyi, Marco Biazzini, Alberto Montresor, Mark Jelasity

Paper 86
Evolving High-speed, Easy-to-understand Network Intrusion Detection Rules with Genetic Programming
Agustin Orfila, Juan M. Estevez-Tapiador, Arturo Ribagorda

Paper 88
Multiuser Scheduling in HSDPA with Particle Swarm Optimization
Mehmet Aydin, Raymond Kwan, Cyril Leung, Jie Zhang

Paper 127
Testing Detector Parameterization using Evolutionary Exploit Generation
Gunes Kayacik, Malcolm Heywood, Nur Zincir-Heywood, Stefan Burshka

Paper 133
Ant Routing With Distributed Geographical Localization of Knowledge in Ad-Hoc Networks
Michal Kudelski, Andrzej Pacut

Paper 134
Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization for Multiple Destination Routing Problems
Zhi-hui Zhang, Jun Zhang, Li-ming Zhang

Paper 139
Soft Computing Techniques for Internet Backbone Traffic Anomaly Detection
Antonia Azzini, Matteo De Felice, Sandro Meloni, Andrea G.B. Tettamanzi

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Payman Arabshahi, Washington University, USA - payman AT apl.washington.edu
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