EvoCOP 2009 Accepted Papers

Paper #7 - Staff Scheduling with Particle Swarm Optimisation and Evolution Strategies
Volker Nissen, Maik Guenther

Paper #9 - Metropolis and symmetric functions: a swan song
Lars Kaden, Karsten Weicker, Nicole Weicker

Paper #10 - A Critical Event-Guided Perturbation Strategy for Iterated Local Search
Zhipeng Lu, Jin-Kao Hao

Paper #11 - Guided Ejection Search for the Job Shop Scheduling Problem
Yuichi Nagata

Paper #12 - Improving Performance in Combinatorial Optimisation Using Averaging and Clustering
Mohamed Qasem, Adam Prugel-Bennet

Paper #15 - Beam-ACO Based On Stochastic Sampling for Makespan Optimization Concerning the TSP with Time Windows
Manuel López-Ibáñez, Christian Blum, Dhananjay Thiruvady, Andreas T. Ernst, Bernd Meyer

Paper #16 - Iterated Local Search for the Minimum Power Symmetric Connectivity Problem
Steffen Wolf, Peter Merz

Paper #17 - University Course Timetabling with Genetic Algorithms
Zlatko Bratkovic, Tomislav Herman, Vjera Omrcen, Marko Cupic, Domagoj Jakobovic

Paper #21 - A Tabu Search Algorithm with Direct Representation for Strip Packing
Jean-Philippe Hamiez, Julien Robet, Jin-Kao Hao

Paper #22 - A Hybrid Algorithm for Computing Tours in a Spare Parts Warehouse Matthias Prandtstetter, Günther R. Raidl

Paper #23 - Diversity Control and Multi-Parent Recombination for Evolutionary Graph Coloring Algorithms
Daniel Cosmin Porumbel, Jin Kao Hao, Pascale Kuntz

Paper #24 - Finding Balanced Incomplete Block Designs with Metaheuristics
David Rodriguez Rueda, Carlos Cotta, Antonio J. Fernandez

Paper #28 - An Artificial Immune System for the Multi-Mode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem
Vincent Van Peteghem, Mario Vanhoucke

Paper #29 - A genetic algorithm to investigate the project makespan and net present value trade-off
Mario Vanhoucke

Paper #32 - An ACO approach to planning
Marco Baioletti, Alfredo Milani, Valentina Poggioni, Fabio Rossi

Paper #38 - Robustness Analysis in Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization Applied to VAR Planning in Electrical Distribution Networks
Carlos Barrico, Carlos Antunes, Dulce Pires

Paper #45 - Divide-And-Evolve Facing State-of-the-art Temporal Planners during the 6th International Planning Competition

Paper #47 - A Plasmid Based Transgenetic Algorithm for the Biobjective Minimum Spanning Tree Problem
Sílvia Monteiro, Elizabeth Goldbarg, Marco Goldbarg

Paper #48 - A New Binary Description of the Blocks Relocation Problem and Benefits in a Look Ahead Heuristic
Marco Csserta, Silvia Schwarze, Stefan Voss

Paper #53 - Binary Exponential Back Off for Tabu Tenure in Hyperheuristics
Stephen Remde, Peter Cowling, Keshav Dahal, Nic Colledge

Paper #54 - Exact solutions to the Traveling Salesperson Problem by a population-based evolutionary algorithm
Madeleine Theile

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Peter Cowling, University of Bradford, UK - P.I.Cowling(at)Bradford.ac.uk

Publicity Chair
Ivanoe De Falco, ICAR, National Research Council of Italy, Italy - ivanoe.defalco(at)na.icar.cnr.it

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